While Alissa hasn’t been able to have an animal of her own yet, she really enjoys working and caring for other’s furry companions. She is always the first in line to help out a friend or family member if their animal needs care. She has established herself as the go-to caretaker over the past 5 years and enjoys the frequent requests! 

Alissa’s favorite dog breed is the Chocolate Lab. Growing up, she used to spend weeks at her families summer cabin up north. Her neighbor had the cutest Chocolate Lab named “Abby”. Alissa fondly remembers her as being the best “Cabin Dog” and that breed will always have a place in her heart. 

When working with animals, Alissa believes there is always an opportunity to learn from them. She states, “they have so much to teach us!” She believes people could learn a lot about honesty and compassion if they spent more time working with animals one on one. 

Alissa studied filmmaking in college, so during her free time she loves to go see new films. She also enjoys exploring the cities with her girlfriend, seeing the newest exhibits at local museums, and wandering around book and thrift stores. You can almost always find her searching for an up and coming concert, as they are something she has no trouble splurging on!