Andrea has been a walker/pet-care provider with Come, Sit, Stay since the summer of 2014.  She has always been an animal person and is always the first to gravitate towards the pets at any party.  Andrea’s first pet was a dog named Sadie, and when Sadie passed away,  Andrea begged her parents to get a black cat with a white belly.  Serendipitously, she and her parents met a man while at a gas station who told them he had kittens for adoption at his house, and sure enough, one of the kittens fit the black-with-white-belly profile.  They adopted him immediately and Andrea named him Fishsticks.  Other beloved pets that have belonged to Andrea’s family are Gypsy, a white German Shepherd, Hershey, a chocolate lab, and current family dogs- a rat terrier named Ziggy and a silver lab named Roxy.

One of Andrea’s favorite dog breeds is the Husky and her favorite cat breeds are sphinx/hairless and Savana.  If she had to pick a dog treat that looked the tastiest it would be Beggin Strips.

As for human food, one of her favorite restaurants is Taco Riendo in North East Minneapolis and she is a fan of their burritos.

Andrea’s favorite season is Fall, because “there's still a warm summer feel with warm colors everywhere, but there's also that crisp smell and you know winter is just around the corner.” Halloween is her favorite holiday.   
Outside of dog-walking and pet-care, Andrea loves to paint and draw. She paints custom dog portraits for people and has been featured in some art shows around town. She loves music and live shows, and collects vinyl records.  The Growlers is one of her favorite bands.   She also loves snowboarding in the winter and camping and road-tripping in the summer.

Primary Roles

  • Downtown Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
  • Weekend - Full Service Territory Rotation Participant
  • Holiday - Full Service Territory Rotation Participant