Ed is a true animal lover, having rescued two Basset Hounds. His oldest, Daisy, is five years old and was rescued from a puppy mill. The younger hound, Chilly, is two years old and was a stray in Arizona prior to joining Ed’s family. As you could probably guess, Ed’s favorite breed of dog is scent hounds; however, he cares for and loves every dog as if they were his own.

Finding fulfillment when he can help enrich an animal’s life by spending time with them is what inspires Ed to work with animals. He likes building a relationship with animals he cares for by sharing the things they enjoy.

Ed loves the outdoors and spends time doing native landscaping, environmental conservation, and going for long hikes in the woods. When he’s inside, he plays a variety of guitars of various styles and loves illustrating by hand. The fall is Ed’s favorite season because the temperature and changes with the leaves provide a perfect environment for his passion of the outdoors.