When it comes to her past experience with animals, Geena has one of our more unique backgrounds. Geena grew up on a farm, with not only dogs and cats to look after, but also horses and rodents! She has been working with animals since day one and continued that passion when she worked at Centre Pointe Stables in Delano for four years. In that same spirit, she has participated in several horse shows. She also has completed numerous dog obedience and agility courses. Additionally, she has spent time pet-sitting for family friends and even interned at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for a summer.

Her favorite thing about working with animals is getting to know each pet’s personality. She believes the more time you spend with an animal, the deeper understanding you will have of the pet’s tendencies and demeanor. This understanding creates an inseparable bond between you and your pet that can’t really be described. Furthermore, she states that even dogs with dangerous/unpredictable tendencies are simply misunderstood at times. She always loves a good challenge.

Geena is a junior at University of St Thomas, studying environmental science with a minor in music. Someday she would like to go into wildlife biology or marine biology. At college, it is hard to be away from her dog, who lives at home. Caring for local Twin City animals helps ease this pain a little bit!