From the moment he was brought home from the hospital as a baby, to the moment he left for college, John was surrounded by various animals on his family farm. To date, he’s lived with over 20 cats ( 5 are with him currently) 3 dogs, and a mix of hermit crabs, lizards and fish. John’s favorite part of working with animals is seeing how happy and genuine they are. He could be having a bad day, but the second he sees a dog’s wagging tail or a cat’s happy face, that always seems to make the day a little better.

Outside of work, John enjoys, and has a passion for, Computer Technology. He loves to work on rebuilding computers as well as using them for gaming. During his free time, you can find John at Jasmine 26 ( his favorite restaurant ), volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, and binging “Lucifer” at home with his wife.