Kristen has been an animal lover since childhood. Her family has had three Golden Retrievers: Shammy, Seeker, and Lexi. Her most rewarding experience working with animals was helping her friend’s grandmother deliver a rescued stray cat’s kittens. Kristen went on to adopt one of these sweet kittens named DaHollis!

Kristen’s pride and joy is her energetic rescue dog Okefenokee (or Okie for short)! She adopted Okie three years ago from the Humane Society. Okie is a lovely mix of Boston Terrier, Pitbull, Pug, and Dachshund. She enjoys walking, hiking, and canoeing with Kristen, but is particularly gifted in the art of snuggling!

Outside of work, Kristen enjoys the outdoors, like many of our team members. Whether it’s spending time in a canoe or traveling about the country, she is sure to take her loving companion Okie with her. Kristen loves working with animals because of their trademark exuberance when they see her coming. She also enjoys watching them sniff and seeing the wonder in them as they walk.