Lori has had a love for animals her entire life, she can’t remember a time she wasn’t a pet owner - dogs, cats, snakes - you name it! In Lori’s words, her favorite part of working with animals is simply, “I love the loving!.” She knows that while the basic necessities are always important, everyone, including animals, need love more than anything. 

Lori has always had a soft-spot for mixed “mutt” breeds. She loves meeting dogs that have had the opportunity to be rescued and adopted because even if they came from an unfortunate place they now get to have a new life in a loving home.

Outside of work, Lori loves to spend as much time outdoors as she can. She loves to hike, explore, read, and spend the weekends camping in nature. She also has a passion for music, while she could never narrow her favorite artist down to one, she prefers rock music and anything that moves her soul.

When asked if Lori had anything else she would like to share with the Come, Sit, Stay community she said she feels its an honor to be trusted to care for anyone’s pets. Pets are our family, and for some it’s the only family member they have. She feels it is so important that all animals are well cared for and loved, and she’s proud she can offer that to them when their human cannot be there to do so.