Lucy started reading dog and cat breed books at the tender age of 5, and has been obsessed with animals ever since. She grew up with two cats, but got dog experience helping her aunts, who volunteered with Helping Paws and rescuing greyhounds. She has around 4 years petsitting experience, and loves coming to work every day! Her favorite part of the job is winning the trust of shy dogs. There's nothing quite as gratifying as showing a pup they can trust you! Her favorite breeds of dog include: scrappy mixes, greyhounds, cattle dogs, pitties, shepherd mixes, and basically every black dog ever.

She has two cats; Marnie Mae, and her partner's, Lionel Marvin Coinbank, Esq. Both are rescues, and both are very talented. Marnie leaps into Lucy's arms every night for supper, and Lionel can jump through hoops! In her spare time, Lucy enjoys spending time with her partner Riley (they're looking forward to buying a house and FINALLY getting a dog!), gardening and botany, Drag Race, baking, and volunteering with Feline Rescue.