Makayla is a staple of the Come, Sit, Stay team. She spends a lot of time with the wonderful animals traveling about the Twin Cities, introducing her to a larger variety of animals. When it comes to her favorite breed of dog, she will give a variety, but they all have something in common: Big and Fluffy! This includes German Shepards, Golden Retrievers, and Huskies in particular. Currently Makayla owns a very handsome White German Shepard-Lab Mix named Eli, who you can see above enjoying a hug. In addition to Eli, Makayla also has a feline companion named Chilly who is a Harlequin Tabby.

When she’s off-the-clock, Makayla enjoys a lot of outdoor activities. It’s no surprise that her love of animals transfers into these activities which include horseback riding and hiking with Eli. Makayla’s favorite time of year is the fall, not only for it’s incredible scenery and comfortable temperature, but also for Halloween! On those chilly nights where going outdoors is a bit much, Makayla spends time painting or gaming online with her friends.

Makayla’s favorite part of working in the field of animal-care is the trust and respect that comes when bonding with animals. She feels that animals have a very different and distinct energy than humans and that despite the communication gap, they are even easier to connect with.