Matt has been walking dogs for well over a decade. One of his greatest strengths gained for this extensive experience, is his ability to interact with a wide variety of breeds and animal temperaments. Matt’s dedication to working for animals does not stop with his professional work, he has spent a substantial amount of time committed to volunteer work with pet rescue groups. One of the most rewarding moments for working with animal rescue was adopting is his ten-year old, rescued Bulldog Kirby!  He has owned several Shar-Peis and has spent years taking care of a relative's Bulldog while they lived overseas.

Some things Matt loves most about his job are dogs’ unique quirks and affection- the fact that each dog is different. He finds that being outside is awesome, too, and walking dogs is a great way to commune with nature.  Outside of work Matt writes screenplays, does research, and spends time reading and hanging with Kirby.  Matt’s favorite season is fall because it's not yet winter, but it’s cooling down and the colors are full of vibrancy.