Morgan has several years of experience living with and working with animals.  She grew up with dogs and cats and has owned and cared for horses, too.  She was involved in 4H and considers herself a country girl at heart.  She currently has a cat and hopes to adopt a dog someday when the timing is right.  Morgan has experience in administering insulin and medication to animals and also knows how to perform CPR on dogs and cats.  She has worked with pets with a wide spectrum of temperaments and personalities, and is knowledgeable on how to respond to animals with intuition and care.  One of her favorite dog breeds is the mini dachshund and a favorite cat breed is the snow white Bengal.  

Outside of work, Morgan enjoys hiking, fishing, rollerblading, singing, and riding horses.  One of her favorite Twin Cities restaurants is Snuffy’s Malt Shop, because they make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  Her favorite season is summer because she can spend more time outdoors.  If she were to pick a dog treat that looked the tastiest, it would be Beggin Strips, since they resemble one of her favorite human foods!  One of Morgan’s favorite musicians is Miranda Lambert, who is also an animal lover and a rescuer of pets.

What Morgan loves the most about her job is that she knows even on a bad day, she can count on the pets she works with to put a smile on her face.  When she thinks about her career future she can only think of being involved in pet care and working with animals.