Another of our many true animal lovers, Nicole has six dogs and three cats! That’s a lot of kibble! She loves every single one dearly. Nicole grew up in Minnesota, but moved to Billings, Montana in 2010. While in Montana, she felt her love of animals calling to her and began volunteering at her local animal shelter. After a year of highly dedicated volunteer work with the shelter, she was offered a paid position with them and describes the experience as wonderful. Thankfully for our team, Nicole returned to Minneapolis in 2013 and joined us shortly after. She cites her love of working with animals due to their non-judgmental attitude, their shared love of food, their unconditional love, and their vastly superior ability to snuggle.

Nicole has a particular love of Dachshunds and you can see Nicole above with a beloved friend. She has three Dachshund mixes of her own; all sassier, more energetic, and loving than the next. Nicole is not superstitious, so she loves black cats and her background at shelters meant she spent a lot of time getting to know lovable black cats.

Nicole is a big fan of “Autumn into Winter” as a time of year, particularly when the sun is warm, but air is crisp. She loves watching horror and or Halloween themed movies in October, enjoying the feasts of November, and the restfulness of December. She has taken a recent interest in gardening and has had a longtime love of the arts, particularly photography. Additionally, she loves drawing, painting, and crafting jewelry. You will likely find Nicole treating your pet with the same enormous amount of love that she treats her own!