Nina’s instinct to care for animals started at a very young age, she grew up on a farm and her family always had pet cats and dogs, they often adopted dogs from the local shelters or humane society. She has always been a Golden Retriever fan as her family often ended up adopting Golden Retriever mixes. She love all types of dogs, but has grown to love boxer and pit-bull mixes. She says “they seem to be the right amount of active and cuddly for me! “.

Nina’s favorite part of working with animals is getting to know each of them individually and learning how different they can be. She finds it rewarding to ensure they are well cared for and are comfortable in their environment. She loves that you can always trust animals reactions to be both honest and truthful. 

During her free time, Nina enjoys writing, cycling and reading new books - she always appreciates a good book suggestion! She also enjoys cycling and taking long walks, especially during the Fall. In her opinion, it’s the perfect time to spend time outside watching the world slowly change colors around you.