Robbie grew up with a Golden Retriever named Duncan that he bonded with from a young age. Later on, in his teenage years, he was the primary caregiver of elderly Duncan in addition to two Golden Retriever puppies named Murray and Henry. His dogs had a range of temperaments and quirks from moody Murray to happy-go-lucky Henry. He’s a self-proclaimed Golden Specialist, but he’s never met a dog he has not loved. He also spent a lot of time caring for pets around his neighborhood which introduced him to many sweet cats and even a turtle.

Robbie is comfortable and has extensive experience with caring for animals with special care needs. This includes: administering insulin to diabetics, providing a variety of medications, cleaning ears, leading the blind or the hard-of-hearing, and more! He does particularly well with elderly pets as well as animals that have separation anxiety.

Though there are many parts of Robbie’s job that he enjoys, his favorite part is updating clients with details and pictures of their special critters so they know that they are safe and loved.

When Robbie is off-the-clock he enjoys the outdoors, particularly if there is a lake nearby. He is a running and kayak enthusiast. When the lake’s freeze and the weather turns cold, Robbie enjoys building computers and working with technology.