Solomon has had pets in the family since before they were born and has been learning and caring for pets for their entire life. They had a variety of animals growing up; cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and even horses. Solomon loves working with animals and enjoy’s learning their behaviors and even training them and teaching them new tricks. 

To Solomon, the best part of working with animals, is working to gain a good relationship with them and trying to understand how they think and communicate. They said, “it’s such a joy to discover their unique personalties!”

Outside of work, Solomon is a freelance illustrator and enjoys writing and drawing comics during their free time. Solomon also enjoys spending time outdoors going hiking and zip lining and recently took up a new hobby of needle felting, which is making sculptures out of wool fibers. They have quite the collection of miniature animals going!

When asked if they had anything else they wanted to share with the Come, Sit, Stay community, Solomon replied, “I have to brag about my cat! I found him on Craigslist six years ago and he’s the perfect boy. His name is Balthazar and he’s very loving, talkative, and will take all the belly rubs he can get!”.