Troy has a large amount of personal experience with a large variety of animals. Growing up Troy had four dogs and one cat. Shannon and he have enjoyed the company of four dogs, two cats, numerous fish, and even crabs! Troy says each one of these animals has had a unique personality. If you are wondering if the crab’s personality was “crabby”, you are not alone!

Although Troy has a wide love of animals, he can narrow down his favorites to Daschunds and Golden Retrievers. He appreciates their trademark intelligence and undying loyalty. Troy’s favorite part about working with pets is that heartwarming, tail-wagging exuberance they radiate when he arrives to visit or walk them.

Outside of work, you can catch Troy hiking with Shannon and Phantom or playing golf. He is very passionate about spending time with his family and friends. Both he and Shannon love to travel and see new places. Your fluffy companion is likely to be excited when he travels to your house to take them for a nice walk!