While you are out of town, there are aspects of home care you beyond those that apply to pet care.  Please see below for services that compliment our overnight pet care. 


Complimentary Services

During our stay at your home there are multiple things we can do at no charge to make sure your home looks lived in and is taken care of.  We happily bring in mail, adjust window treatments, and turn on/off lights at night to communicate that your home is being lived in.  Your sitter can put out the trash and recycling. We can also water household plants so that they remain healthy for your return. 

During the winter, if your car is parked on the street, we can rotate your parking spot as required for snow emergencies. 

Lawn Watering

During the spring, summer, or fall we can maintain a lawn watering schedule to ensure your yard and plants stay healthy.  We provide this service exclusively in conjunction with an overnight or pet sitting visit while you are out of town.  Unfortunately at this time we do not offer lawn mowing or trimming services.  If you are in need of a mowing service while you are out of town, we recommend 3Bears Landscaping


Snow Shoveling

Snow is an inevitability during our Minnesota winters.  While you are out of town and utilizing our in-home pet sitting services, we will maintain your sidewalks and driveways to make sure you continue to meet city ordinances and provide a safe walk way for your neighbors.  When booking your winter overnight or pet visit services, please let us know if you have a snow removal service already booked. 

$5/fallen inch

See our full service summary for additional service offerings.  Please contact us to inquire about availability for needed services you do not see listed.