Christine has been making local Minneapolis animals very happy with us since 2016. However, that’s only the time she’s spent on our team. Christine came to us from a background working with animals, particularly dogs. She has selflessly volunteered with both Second Hand Hounds and Ruff Start Rescue for many years. Christine’s level of dedication to these charitable animal-care groups included helping with in-take, making home visits, raising funds, and fostering some of the animals she volunteered for. The experience gained by committing herself to working with animals has made her an expert in dog care. She is skilled with dogs that need a little extra help in the form of medication administration or other more specific needs.

Christine has many animals of her own, of course! She grew up with both dogs and cats, but her family had a particular love of Border Collies and Black Labs. Currently, she has two cats named Cali and Luna. She has a senior-aged Beagle named Bear and a German Wirehair Pointer named Lou whom she met and ultimately ended up adopting through her volunteer work. Lou has special needs which with Christine’s experience, made her home a perfect fit for him. She has a particular love of Bully and Hunting bred dogs.

A true Minnesotan at heart, Christine’s favorite season is winter because she loves the snow. During her off time, she enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors; taking part in her favorite activities: kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. Even music sounds better to her when she’s outside as she loves any music at outdoor concerts. If Christine had one final say on why she loves working with animals, she would definitely tell you that their ingenuity, smile-worthy friendliness, and their ability to be great listeners are what draw her to this field.