Meet Maynard! Maynard was adopted from “Save-A-Bull Rescue” in Minneapolis; a rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming non-profit ran by a dedicated network of volunteers, partners and pit-bull lovers who know their furry friends deserve a second chance.  

Maynard himself is a Pit Bull - Collie mix. He proudly represents his Pittie roots with his full smile. Maynard loves to play, his favorite activity is chasing after frisbees at the park. He will run and jump until he can’t run anymore. He also enjoys going for long walks, playing with his friends at the dog park, and cuddling up under the bed covers. 

Maynard has adjusted to being an office companion quite well.  He loves company so he always follows Megan through the house and often sleeps at her feet or on the couch nearby. He loves dinner-time and all forms of treats. If you say “Come, Sit, or Stay” with treat in hand, he is sure to oblige. He has also struck a tenuous truce with his cat siblings, Cali and Dee.