Growing up, Sam quickly became the first person that friends and neighbors sought out for pet sitting when they left town. She would tend to every single one with the kindness she would give to her own pets. Her reputation for quality pet care has carried on into her adult life, and she is still frequently asked by friends to look after their critters. Sam has a special place in her heart for a rare breed of dog, Schipperkes. Growing up, her family had three: Max, Louie, and Smokey. She loves seeing people react to them when she’s out on her walk because they’re such a unique breed. Sam’s other favorite breed is Corgis, and she most definitely loved Corgis before it was cool! The shape of their bodies, little tails, and happy smiles warm her heart.

Sam’s inspiration for working with animals is the love and joy they bring. Unfortunately, she can not have her own pet at this time in her life, so she frequently stops by the Humane Society just to get some time with the pups! She says the visits brighten her day and that she loves to give the animals some attention.