Sarah has been walking dogs and providing pet-care with Come, Sit, Stay since 2010, and in 2015 joined Megan in the Come, Sit, Stay office working as the Service Manager.   She grew up in Minnesota with various pets in her household, including cats, a rat, hamster, fish, salamander, and a dog.  She was particularly close to her tabby cat, Fiddles, and lab-mix dog, Dino.  Sarah has experience working with a diverse range of pets with different personalities, ages, temperaments, and she takes great satisfaction in learning about each individual pet and their particular needs, so as to best serve the animal and their owner.  

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys cooking, running, pilates, live music, volunteering at the kitchen at Open Arms of Minnesota, and she plays mandolin, guitar, and sings, too.  She also has an art and photography side business called Pinkboat Arts and has created many custom pet portraits for pet owners over the last few years.  You can see her work at

One of Sarah’s favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities is Maria’s Cafe, where she always has to get a corn pancake (Cachapa Venezolana) with the cotija cheese.  Her favorite season is Spring, particularly that sweet spot of time when the mosquitoes haven’t come around yet, but the temps are livable and plants are starting to look alive again.  One of Sarah’s favorite things about working with animals is that it is a constant learning experience to listen to and observe what pets and animals have to teach and tell.  She feels that pets teach us how to be more present; to complain less, play more, and to be more compassionate with ourselves and others.